October 20, 2019
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M. Luscher colour test

Luscher colour test has been published in1948. The brief version ofthe test contains 8cards ofdifferent colours— 4basic and 4additional. The colour test allows toassess the person ontwo measures: heteronomy— autonomy and activity— passivity which are symbolized byprimary colours.

Luscher colour test isused for anassessment ofpsycho-emotional state, identifying the persons inclined todepressions and affective reactions, and revealing alevel ofneuropsychic stability.

The Methodical Manual contains the description ofthe test, numerical parameters and their calculation, procedures oftesting, processing and interpretation ofresults. Interpretation tables allow tosimplify tothe maximum processing oftesting results that isespecially important for inexperienced psychologists, aswell asatcarrying out ofmass surveys.

Atmanufacturing the cards are checked with the help ofthe state standards ofcolour that guarantees high-quality stimulus material.

The complete set ofdelivery includes A.M.Etkind original technique Color attitudes test, designed for diagnostics ofthe emotional attitude tosignificant persons and situations.

The stimulus material consists oftwo sets ofcards of8colors inthe size 50×90inspecial case. Computer processing ofresults isavailable.

Testing time amounts to2—3 minutes.

The test isdesigned for work with children older than 3years and with adults.


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