October 20, 2019
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S. Rosenzweig Frustration Test (a children's or adult variant)

Behaviour instress state

Projective picture test for studying characteristics ofhuman behaviour insituations offrustration has been developed byAmerican psychologist Saul Rosenzweig in1944and itwas named Rosenzweig Frustration Test. The children's variant ofthe technique has been offered in1948.

S. Rosenzweig Frustration Test isdesigned for revealing emotional stereotypes ofresponses instressful situations and forecasting ofbehaviour ininterpersonal interaction.

The testing and processing ofresults algorithm isdescribed indetail inthe Methodical Manual, prepared byL.A.Yasyukova. The unique author's operational experience with the test issystematized, that facilitates mastering ofthe technique byinexperienced professionals and expands opportunities ofinterpretation for skilled psychologists.

Rosenzweig test isapplied for forecasting success invarious kinds ofactivity, revealing ofrisk groups (disposition todepressions, low resistance tostress, conflict behaviour, alow level ofsocial adaptation), revealing ofthe reasons ofpupils' inadequate behaviour. The test iswidely used inmanagement, power structures, pedagogics, social sphere and vocational guidance.

The stimulus material isaset of24cards onwhich people interacting with each other are represented. Computer processing ofresults isavailable. Forms and keys for manual processing are attached.

IMATON offers the complete set for adults and children together and separately.

Testing time— 20minutes


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