October 20, 2019
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Szondi test

Diagnostics ofanemotional state, drives and needs

The projective test developed bythe Swiss doctor, psychoanalyst and psychologist Leopold Szondi in1947, isdesigned for:

  • diagnostics ofthe content and structure ofhuman motives,
  • assessments ofanemotional state and characteristics ofthe person,
  • forecasting probability ofvarious diseases, professional, sexual and criminal preferences.

The stimulus material represents 6series in8photos ofhuman faces. Computer testing and processing ofresults facilitate work with the technique, allowing toreceive the great number ofquantitative indicators and indexes. The technique can beused:

  • in clinical practice, psychological consultation and psychotherapy— for specification ofthe matter ofproblems and opportunities ofclients, revealing ofalevel ofstress and emotional disorders, assessment ofpsychological and pharmacological correction efficiency, judicial-psychological examination,
  • in management ofthe personnel and inprofessional consultation— for vocational guidance and occupational selection, assessment ofemployees' professional potential, forecasting oftheir behaviour inextreme situations and efficiency ofvarious problems solutions, achoice ofmethods ofmotivation.

As against the modified variants developed byL.N.Sobchik and M.I.Vigdorchik under the name ofthe portrait choices method, the technique offered byfirm Imaton, corresponds tooriginal L.Szondi test. The Methodical Manual iswritten bythe officer ofArmy medical college, the candidate ofpsychological sciences I.I.Tsyganok.

Time tocarry out the technique amounts to15—20 minutes.

The test isdesigned for work with children older than 10years and adults.


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