December 10, 2019
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R. Cattell personality factor questionnaire (CPQ children's)

The complete set ofquestionnaires for children, teenagers and adults

R. Cattell personality factor questionnaire isone ofthe most known and universal psychodiagnostic tools and ittakes afitting place inanarsenal ofeach practical psychologist.

This test isbased onthe personality traits theory according towhich the person isdescribed asaset ofthe primary characteristics determining his internal essence and behaviour. Testing results reflect different aspects ofthe human personality: characteristics ofcommunicative sphere, emotional-conative regulation ofbehaviour, adegree ofsocial adaptation, disposition toasocial behaviour, presence ofemotional, personal problems, leadership abilities, creative potential.

IMATON brings toyour attention the complete set ofquestionnaires ofR.Cattell (the adult— 16PF, teenage— HSPQ, children's— CPQ, each ofthem has 2parallel forms Aand B).

The adult variant ofthe questionnaire includes 187questions, measuring 16parameters ofthe personality, and itisdesigned for work with people older than 16years.

Teenage variant consists of140questions, 14parameters and itisused inanage range from 12to16years.

Children's variant includes 120questions, 12scales and designed for children from 7to12years.

Testing time— 40—60 minutes. Computer processing ofresults isavailable. Forms and keys for manual processing are attached.

R. Cattell personality factor questionnaire iswidely used inmanagement, occupational selection and vocational guidance, inpower structures, inpractice ofclinical psychologists and ineducation.


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