December 10, 2019
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Personality questionnaire MMPI

The most reliable method ofpersonality diagnostics

Personality questionnaire MMPI isdesigned for in-depth diagnostics ofthe psychological characteristics ofadult people personality. The technique allows toreveal with ahigh degree ofreliability characteristics and types ofcharacter, style ofbehaviour and communication, ability toadaptation and the latent mental deviations, toassess professional aptitude, anemotional state and adegree ofstress, topredict probability and the content ofdifficulties invarious kinds oflabour activity. The questionnaire isreliably protected from doubtful answers— ithas 3scales ofthe control and correction ofmistakes. The Methodical Manual contains the full information ontesting and processing ofresults procedure, methods ofaprofile and separate scales interpretation.

MMPI iswidely used insphere ofpublic health services, injudicial-psychological examination, incorrectional institutions, inaneducation system, employment, inbusiness, inpower structures. MMPI isactively applied toselection and anassessment ofthe personnel, psychological examination and consultation asone ofcriteria ofanemotional state, health and occupational abilities, and also for the solution ofthe problems connected topsychiatry, psychotherapy, psychohygiene and psychological rehabilitation.

The complete set ofdelivery includes male and female variants ofthe questionnaire, adisk with the testing and processing ofresults program, aswell asforms and keys for manual processing.

The questionnaire contains 566statements.

Testing time— about 60minutes.

It isdesigned for work with people older than 16years.


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