December 10, 2019
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Picture metaphors technique Course of life

The picture metaphors technique Course oflife, developed byI.L.Solomin, pertains toaclass ofprojective methods ofdiagnostics. The Technique allows toreveal anemotional state ofthe person, some characteristics ofhis temperament and character, specificity ofrepresentations about the life and attitudes toit,todefine personal problems and possible ways oftheir solution, toformulate the aims and toplan ways oftheir achievement.

The Technique can beused for the solution ofthe problems connected todiagnostics ofpsychological characteristics ofthe person and amental state, toconsultation onquestions ofself-determination and career planning. The Technique contains significant potential for correctional work with clients. Advantages ofthe technique are metaphorical character oftasks, clearness ofreceived results, apracticality, availability and convenience ofuse, efficiency ofprocedure, flexibility and depth ofthe obtained information.

Procedure ofthe Technique’scarrying out consists oftwo parts: client’srepresentation ofhis own life asapicture and discussion ofthis picture with the psychologist-consultant.

The technique includes the Methodical Manual, the Atlas ofpictures and forms ofresults registration. The Methodical Manual allows toget acquainted with main principles ofthe Technique and toacquire initial skills ofits use. The Atlas offigures represents the appendix toaMethodical Manual, illustrating the basic parameters ofthe Technique and examples ofits practical use.

The technique isdesigned for work with teenagers older than 14years and adults.


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