December 10, 2019
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Projective technique Hand-test

Assessment ofaggressive behaviour

Atthe present time the Hand-test isone ofthe most widespread projective techniques for anassessment and forecasting ofaggressive behaviour.

The Hand-test isamethod ofin-depth personality research and consequently itcan berecommended asthe basic psychodiagnostic tool inall areas ofpsychological practice for diagnostics ofindividual characteristics, needs and motives ofbehaviour, internal conflicts ofthe person. The Hand-test allows topredict reliably and toassess strictly such specific property ofthe person, asdisposition toovert aggressive behaviour.

The Hand-test isindispensable insuch areas, as:

  • power structures, professional sports— selection ofthe persons possessing adequate aggression and combative qualities;
  • correctional system— the forecast ofrecidivism and aggressive delinquency among offenders;
  • psychiatry— revealing ofthe patients inclined todestructive behaviour;
  • sexology— research ofpsychosexual orientation characteristics, the forecast ofsexual aggression, etc.

Firm IMATON brings toyour attention full adaptation ofthe Hand-test including all necessary materials for studying and adequate application ofthis interesting technique.

The stimulus material represents aset of10cards with the image ofahand invarious positions (1— empty).

Testing time— 15—20 minutes.

The Hand-test isdesigned for work with children older than 5years and adults.


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