October 20, 2019
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The course of creative thinking development (For children at the age of 5(6)-8)

The program ofdeveloping studies for the whole academic year

This course isthe sole program inRussia for purposeful complex development ofcreative thinking. Itisbased onthe most full and popular present-day model ofintelligence developed byoutstanding American psychologist J.Guilford.. Itisimportant tonote, that the program-prototype ofthe Course has been chosen bythe U.S.Congress asthe national program ofyoung Americans development.

The author ofprogram J.Reznulli successfully uses three-factor model ofintellectual endowments, that includes:

  • mental abilities above the average level;
  • creativity;
  • motivational involvement.

The course consists of4independent releases designed for children ofdifferent age. You can start tocarry out developing classes both with five-year-olds, and with 14-year-old teenagers, and you can run the classes during one, two, three orfour years.

Weshall note, that work with all 4releases ofthe Course successively ismost effective. Each release ofthe Course contains 36lessons— one lesson inaweek for the whole academic year. Thus the number ofclasses can beincreased due toadditional tasks offered inthe description ofeach lesson. You can run the classes with the big group, for example, with the whole class orkindergarten group, with two orthree children orindividually.

The Course should become base for any center ofchildren's creativity development. The classes are sofascinating, that they become the most favourite for children; parents and colleagues will appreciate your skill.

The complete set includes aMethodical Manual for the teacher and analbum oftasks for the pupil. The album oftasks for the pupil issold separately.

The Course ofcreative thinking development isdesigned for work with children ofany age— from 5to14.


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