October 20, 2019
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Wechsler Test (adult variant)

The complete set— children's and adult variants
In1949David Wechsler offered ascale ofintelligence measurement for children, age 5—16 (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, WISC). Itcontains 12subtests measuring verbal comprehension, perceptual organization characteristics, operating and remembering ofthe numerical information. IMATON used A.Y.Panasjuk's adapted and standardized version, revised byY.I.Filimonenko and V.I.Timofeev.

In1955the advanced scale for adults was issued. Itcontains 11subtests for awareness, comprehension, the sums solution, afinding ofsimilarity, remembering offigures and identification ofavocabulary, and also aso-called performance scale, offering tosolve problems like pictures completion, block design, object assembly.

Wechsler's estimation system came nearer tothe standard ofIQasmuch aspossible. The technique allows tomeasure alevel ofdevelopment ofthe general intelligence, efficiency ofverbal and performance intelligence, tocarry out diagnostics ofadevelopment level ofspecific mental abilities and learning potential.

Use ofthe Wechsler Test ismost effective for revealing intellectually gifted persons, the reasons ofacademic failure, and for diagnostics ofmental retardation, specification ofaclinical presentation ofsome neuropsychological disorders, vocational choice consultation.

The detailed Methodological Manual contains theoretical foundations, the description oftesting and interpretation procedure, and normative age tables.

The stimulus material contains Koss blocks and cards with tasks tothem, aset ofdetails for 4assembling figures and demonstration fields tothem, 48cards with figures and details ofimages for assembling, the form with mazes. For simplification ofprocessing, forms offixing ofresults are applied.

The complete test takes one and ahalf— two hours.

Separate sets ofatechnique are developed for children aged 5—16 years and adults older than 16years.


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