October 20, 2019
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E. Landolt test

Diagnostics ofcapacity for work

Capacity for work isabasic psychophysiological characteristic ofthe subject. Itisdefined bycharacteristics ofthe central nervous system ofthe person and, inits turn, defines the whole style oflife.

High capacity for work isthe most important and universal psychological quality providing success ofpractically any purposeful activity. Capacity for work isoften assessed with proof tests. One ofthem isE.Landolt test.

E. Landolt test allows toassess the person’sgeneral capacity for work and its components: efficiency, speed, accuracy (faultlessness), endurance and reliability.

The technique isindispensable for solution ofthe problems connected todiagnostics ofcapacity for work insuch areas as:

  • pedagogics — anassessment offatiguability, individual characteristics ofattention, speed ofinformation processing; rendering assistance informing ofindividual style ofeducational activity, calculation ofanoptimum academic load;
  • occupational consulting — the help inachoice ofatrade;
  • management — selection and assessment ofthe personnel (first ofall, managers ofaverage and top echelon);
  • sport — the forecast ofendurance atsignificant physical exercises, achoice ofsport inconsideration ofindividual psychophysiological characteristics;
  • armed forces — selection ofthe candidates capable toprecise and adequate actions incrisis dangerous situations, inconditions ofdeficiency oftime and information, asignificant nervous and physical pressure.

The stimulus material represents images ofrings with breaks. Computer processing ofresults isavailable. Astop-watch.

Performance time ofthe test — 10minutes.

The test isdesigned for work with children from primary school age and adults.


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