October 20, 2019
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Shmelyov motivation test

The test ofcomic phrases

The test ofcomic phrases (TCP) isaconvenient method for express diagnostics ofmotivational sphere structure ofaperson. TCP allows todefine quickly the person’smost intense and frustrated needs — asource ofhis neuropsychic problems, and tochoose anadequate direction ofpsychotherapeutic influence. During performance ofthe technique atested person distribute the cards with comic phrases into several themes. The test isapplied invarious areas:

  • social sphere —- diagnostics ofvalue contradictions infamily-marital relationships; revealing ofvalue orientations atachoice ofatrade;
  • management — diagnostics ofpersonnel loyalty, ambition, disposition toalcoholization, etc., revealing ofthe adequate individual stimulus motivating the person toeffective activity (money, career, satisfaction ofcognitive needs, etc.);
  • politics — selection and assessment ofauthorized representatives;
  • professional sports — selection ofindividual system ofstimulus for motivation ofachievements insport, etc.
  • pedagogics —- revealing ofpoor progress reasons ofsenior pupils and students, forecast ofpedagogical activity success, etc.

The test represents aset of44cards with phrases and 9cards with themes.

Testing time — 10—15minutes.

The test isdesigned for work with adults and teenagers.


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