October 20, 2019
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Technique Vector (V. G. Melnikov technique)

Experts ofIMATON firm have prepared the technique Vector designed for anassessment ofalevel ofcollective development and formation. The author ofanew technique isValery Grigoryevich Melnikov — psychologist with wide experience ofwork inarmed forces, author ofthe book Dynamic model ofgroup, head ofthe regional center ofpsychological work inthe Institute ofradio electronics ofspace forces. For anumber ofyears Valeriy Grigoryevich was engaged indevelopment ofways ofthe solution ofnot authorized relationships problem inarmy units. The result ofhis work isthe conception and the technique ofdiagnostics and development ofagroup. High efficiency ofthe technique for prevention and corrections ofthe negative group phenomena has been confirmed during approbation ofthe technique atinspection ofthousands ofmilitary men, aswell asemployees ofthe state and commercial organizations:

The technique isdesigned for the solution ofthe following problems.

  • Diagnostics ofalevel ofrelationships development invarious groups and collectives consisting ofmilitary men, workers, students, teenagers, etc., aswell asthe persons who are contained ininstitutions ofconfinement.
  • Revealing ofsources and reasons ofthe negative phenomena arising ingroups, such asviolence, cruelty, mockery, deceit, extortion, theft, etc.
  • Prevention ofnegative influence ofgroups with asocial orientations onthe personality ofits members, prevention ofdestruction ofthe adult person’spersonality and his transformation into obedient child through group pressure.
  • Prevention and correction ofgroup delinquent behaviour, nonadmission ofcrimes and the incidents connected toviolation ofrelationships.
  • Optimization ofgroup norms and values, improvement ofmoral and psychological climate ingroups, humanization ofinterpersonal relations.
  • Eliminating ofmistakes atpromotion ofcandidates onexecutive positions, increasing ofrole, authority and responsibility ofthe managers.
  • Training ofmanagers topsychological bases ofunderstanding ofstructure and development ofgroups, methods ofeducational work.

Diagnostic part ofthe technique represents the modified variant ofthe expert assessment method, based onanassessment and aself-assessment ofmembers ofgroups upto20person. The assessment iscarried out onparameters ofabilities and moral qualities bymeans ofpair comparisons with the subsequent computer statistical processing and multivariate representation ofthe received results. Time ofdiagnostics and data processing can make upfrom 1to2hours depending ongroup size. Inaddition todiagnostic part, the technique includes effective technology ofgroup formation control onthe basis ofthe process ofits dynamic structure change. The technique israther powerful tool ofprompting ofpeople topositive social activity, constructive interpersonal relations, itinfluences onthe processes ofindividual and group consciousness, regulation ofbehaviour, affects all basic spheres oforganizational life. The technique can beused inthe work ofpsychologists, advisers, trainers, teachers, and managers.


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