October 20, 2019
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R. Cattell Intelligence Test diagnostics of the general intelligence

Assessment ofbiologically determined intelligence

Cattell Intelligence Test pertains tothe category ofculture fair tests. Itwas published in1958byR. Cattell. Its basic psychodiagnostic value consists inanopportunity toassess mainly biologically determined (inborn) component ofamental potential, that isnot dependent onthe subsequent influences ofthe cultural environment (upbringing, education, purposeful training). Abasis ofthe test iscomprised ofperceptual tasks inthe form of4subtests: additions, classification, matrixes and topology.

Cattell Intelligence Test isthe most adequate tool for the forecast ofprofessional retraining success, achoice ofaneducational level; assessment ofintellectual development and revealing ofpoor progress reasons, anassessment ofintelligence inthe employment ofrefugees and immigrants, selection ofcandidates for work abroad.

The Methodological Manual contains detailed description oftesting and processing ofresults procedure, aswell asage norms.

The stimulus material ispresented intwo parallel forms. There are keys and forms for manual processing.

Time for performance ofeach task islimited, testing takes 30—40 minutes.

It isdesigned for the work with children older than 8years and adults without higher education.


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