October 20, 2019
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Co-therapeutic system Kelly-98

The valuable partner ofconsulting psychologist

Co-therapeutic system Kelly-98 helps tocarry out profound diagnostics ofpersonality, toreveal the real content ofpsychological problems. During diagnostics KELLY-98 allows tounderstand better the subjective world ofother person, toreveal characteristics ofthe person’sattitude tooneself and other people.

Abasis ofthe technique isthe variant ofrepertoire grids technique, developed byG.Kelly, the founder ofone ofthe most popular directions inpersonality psychology. The technique isbuild onthe analysis ofverbalized attitudes ofthe person tothe characters ofrepertoire list. Repertoire list ismade bypsychotherapist depending onnature ofthe client’sproblem.

Testing iscarried out inthe form ofdialogue with acomputer and turns into fascinating process ofself-knowledge. Process ofdiagnostics isbound upwith the process ofcorrection giving tothe person anopportunity torealize inanew fashion oneself and one’sown relations with other people, tofind new ways ofthe solution ofintrapersonal and interpersonal problems.

The Methodical Manual contains theoretical grounds ofthe technique, technology ofthe characters list forming, testing and interpretation ofresults procedure, the content ofdetailed psychological conclusion. The set ofexamples from practice ofthe technique’sapplication isincluded inthe Methodical Manual; they will beuseful both toentry-level psychologist and skilled psychotherapist.

The complete set ofdelivery includes the Methodical Manual, the User’sguide the computer program, CDwith the software, anelectronic key for protection ofthe program against the non-authorized copying.

Testing time can amount to1,5hours.

The technique isdesigned for work with adult people older than 16years with anormal level ofintellectual development.


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