October 20, 2019
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Koss blocks diagnostics of nonverbal intelligence

Integrated assessment ofNONVERBAL INTELLIGENCE

The test Koss blocks isthe nonverbal intelligence test. Ithas been offered byAmerican psychologist K.Koss in1927and since then has taken upaspecial place inthe world-wide psychodiagnostic practice,— bright, easy toremember cubes, that have not analogues today, byright can beconsidered asasymbol ofpsychological diagnostics ofintelligence.

Performance oftest tasks demands display ofacomplex ofqualities: perception, motility, visual-motor coordination, spatial representations and heuristic abilities. Such complex nature oftasks allows toestimate ability toperform the basic cogitative operations (comparison, analysis, synthesis), toreceive integrated characteristic ofvisual-operative thinking, and toreveal nonverbal endowments.

In practice the test Koss blocks isused most frequently for anassessment ofchildren’smental potential and revealing ofthe reasons ofpoor progress; for revealing ofchildren with intellectual endowments onthe visual-operative level; for diagnostics ofadegree and nature ofanintellectual pathology. The test isappropriate for forecasting success ofprofessional activity inthe sphere man— technics and for revealing ofpersons, who have potential for being skilful with their fingers.

The Methodological Manual contains the description ofthe test, testing and analysis ofresults procedures, aswell asnormative tables.

The complete set includes Koss blocks, cards with tasks tothem and the Methodical Manual. Tosimplify the processing oftest results, forms offixing ofresults for children and adults are attached.

Time for performance ofthe test isfixed, all procedure takes 15—20 minutes.

The test isdesigned for the work with children older than 5years and adults.


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