October 20, 2019
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Trance-meditative session Meeting with a healer

The technique oftrance-meditative self-regulation

The author ofatechnique Meeting with ahealer professor Victor Alekseevich Ananyev, doctor ofpsychological sciences, the recognized expert inthe field ofhealth psychology, mastering awide arsenal ofmethods ofpsychological influence onthe person from classical self-regulation uptoEricksonian hypnosis.

The trance-meditative session Meeting with ahealer isfascinating travel tomysterious structures ofunconscious during which salutary forces ofanorganism naturally wakeup, the condition ofphysical and mental well-being isreached, prevention orcorrection ofpsychological and psychosomatic disorders iscarried out.

The pronounced positive resource ofatrance-meditative state allows touse atechnique for:

  • effective rest and recovery ofcapacity for work;
  • removal ofapressure, overcoming ofstressful states;
  • decrease inalevel ofalarm and fear;
  • mobilization ofphysical and intellectual resources;
  • preparations for activity inextreme conditions.

The technique isthe excellent professional tool for taking ofgroup and individual classes ontrance-meditative self-regulation, itcan serve asthe base tool atequipment ofrooms ofpsychological relief, complexes ofpsychological support, the medical-psychological centers. The use ofthis technique requires only acomfortable room and cassette tape recorder orCD-player.

The technique can beused for self-education ofpsychologists-trainers tomethods and skills ofindependent live taking ofsuch classes atahigh professional level.

The Methodical Manual contains the description oftrance state and technologies ofwork with itfor achievement ofthe given effect, the appendix contains the text ofasession.


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