October 20, 2019
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N. I. Kosenkov technique Ultraparadoxical psychotherapy

The technique ofultraparadoxical psychotherapy isoriginal author’s development ofN.I.Kosenkov, doctor ofmedical sciences. Itisdesigned for optimization ofafunctional state ofthe patients suffering psychosomatic disorders. The technique isbased onuse ofspecial sound formulas onabackground ofaultraparadoxical stage ofsleep (falling asleep), and includes aset ofaudioprograms for rendering assistance atvarious diseases. The technique allows: toremove sleep disorders, toregulate appetite, toincrease probability ofpregnancy, tohelp atdiseases ofagastrointestinal tract, essential hypertension, bronchial asthma, headaches and others psychosomatic diseases and disorders. The correctional effect ofultraparadoxical psychotherapy isconnected toamplification ofatone ofparasympathetic department ofautonomic nervous system that promotes neutralization ofastressful state. The ultraparadoxical psychotherapy results inoptimization ofactivity oflimbic and hypothalamic areas ofabrain that isaccompanied bydecrease inthe general anxiety, normalization ofatone and peristalsis ofunstriated muscles. Realization ofultraparadoxical psychotherapy does not require presence ofhigh suggestibility ofpatients and specially organized conditions.

The technique isdesigned for practical psychologists, psychologists-consultants, medical psychologists, doctors, psychotherapists, and itisrecommended toapplication inacomplex ofmeasures for psychological correction ofpsychosomatic patients’ functional state.


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