October 20, 2019
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R. Amthauer test of structure of intelligence

Diagnostics ofintelligence level and structure

The intelligence structure test has been developed byGerman psychologist R.Amthauer in1953for tasks ofoccupational selection and vocational guidance. The test allows toreceive full, complete representation about individual's intelligence. The test isdesigned for anassessment not only the general level ofintelligence development, but also its separate components: verbal, numerical and spatial thinking, logic abilities, attention, memory, amount ofknowledge. The test consists ofnine subtests focused onexamination ofthe basic components ofverbal and nonverbal intelligence: alexical store, general awareness, abstraction ability, generalization ability, mathematical abilities, combinatory thinking, spatial imagination, ability toshort-term storing ofthe graphic information.

The results received with the help ofthe R.Amthauer test allow:

  • to predict success ofeducational activity;
  • to help with achoice ofatrade, achoice ofalevel oftraining;
  • to predict success ofprofessional occupation, including trades demanding special intellectual skills.

Testing and processing ofresults procedure isdescribed indetail inthe Methodical Manual. Examples ofcalculation ofscores and interpretations ofresults, aswell asthe normative data, are given inthe text. Computer processing results are presented asprofiles ofseparate subtests and asnumerical parameters ofgeneral intelligence level and values for each subtest. Itispossible both individual and group testing.

The test iswidely used insphere ofeducation, vocational guidance and employment, inclinical psychologists practice, insphere ofbusiness and inpower structures.

The stimulus material contains albums with tasks of9subtests intwo parallel forms Aand B.

Computer processing ofresults oftesting. The complete set ofkeys and forms ofanswers for manual processing ofresults.

Time oftesting isstrictly limited for each task and makes atthe whole 1,5hours.

The test isdesigned for work with people atthe age from 13to60.


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