October 20, 2019
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J. Guilford test

Diagnostics ofsocial intelligence

The first reliable test for measurement ofsocial intelligence has been created byJ.Guilford and M.Salliven in1960-th. The adapted variant ofthe test battery, based onresults ofthe French adaptation ofthe Parisian center ofapplied psychology, isoffered toyour attention.

The technique consists offour subtests. J.Guilford and M.Salliven test allows not only tomeasure the general level ofsocial intelligence development, but also toassess particular abilities tounderstanding ofhuman behaviour: ability toexpect aconsequence ofbehaviour, toreflect verbal and nonverbal expression adequately, tounderstand logic ofcomplex situations development inthe process ofinterpersonal interaction, tounderstand internal motives ofhuman behaviour.

Parameters ofsocial intelligence are taken into account atthe solution ofthe wide range ofthe practical problems connected tothe forecast ofsuccess ofcommunicative kinds ofactivity, and also todiagnostics ofthe school maladjustment reasons. The original content ofstimulus material arouse constant interest atsurveyed people.

Spheres ofthe technique's application: Manual, pedagogics, power structures, vocational guidance.

The Manual contains the detailed description oftesting and processing ofresults procedure, normative tables, examples ofthe expanded interpretation.

The stimulus material consists offour subtests with pictures and tasks tothem. Computer processing ofresults. Keys and forms for manual processing.

Time ofeach subtest performance islimited and takes from 5to10minutes.

J.Guilford and M.Salliven test isdesigned for work with children older than 9years and adults.


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