October 20, 2019
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R. Silver picture test

Diagnostics ofperson's cognitive and emotional spheres

Picture test developed byAmerican art-therapist R.Silver, allows toassess spatial thinking, creative abilities, anemotional state and the attitude tooneself and other, that isboth cognitive and emotional characteristics ofthe person. Adaptation ofthe test for Russia ismade under the direction ofchairman ofArt-therapeutic association, the candidate ofmedical sciences A.I.Kopytina.

The Silver test can beused for revealing ofemotional disorders, inparticular, disposition todepression, aggression, suicide, aswell asfor mental retardation diagnostics. The test isextremely useful atwork with children and the adults with speech and hearing disorders.

Testing and processing ofresults procedure isdescribed indetail inthe Methodical Manual. Advantage ofSilver test, asagainst the majority ofpicture tests, isthat asaresult you get quantitative estimated values which can becompared tothe normative data. The description ofresults processing algorithm isillustrated with specific figures inthe Atlas, that undoubtedly facilitates mastering ofthe technique.

The stimulus material contains 3cylinders ofdifferent size and aplaster figure asasample for drawing, afield for placing offigures, and standard pictures with tasks. The complete set also includes forms for answers and the Atlas with examples oftest performance.

Test performance time amounts to12—15 minutes.

The test can beused inwork with children older than 5years and adults.


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