December 10, 2019
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Children's Apperception Test ()

Diagnostics ofthe little ones

Children's Apperception Test () isdeveloped bywell-known American experts inthe field ofEgo-psychology, psychiatrists-psychoanalysts L.Bellak and S.Bellak. CAT isthe projective technique based onstudy ofindividual distinctions dynamics inperception ofstandard stimulus.

allows toinvestigate child's imaginations, reflecting relationships with significant people, defence mechanisms and adaptive capability ofthe child, unconscious experiences and conflicts, presence ofmental disorders.

allows toobtain rich material about subtle and hard-to-reach inner life ofthe child, necessary inwork ofpsychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, teachers and social workers.

The test consists of10pictures representing animals invarious situations. Test application instructions are provided with examples and comments.

isdesigned for work with children atthe age from 3to10.


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